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Club Repairs


We can order most shafts from premium suppliers and have them fitted immediately.


Whether it be your favourite set of irons or a Persimmon wood that needs to be re-twined and lacquered, we can do it.


We provide a wide variety of high quality grips to you at very competitive prices.

Lie & Loft Adjustments

We use a special lie-loft machine to bend forged irons and wedges to fix your individual specifications.

Shaft Spining

Almost every single golf shaft has a "spine", whereby the shaft is almost 'egg shaped'. We use a special tool to align the spine of the shaft to the leading edge of the clubface for more consistent flexion.

Groove Sharpening

All grooves wear down after time, and lose their sharpness. We use a special tool to enhance the grooves of your irons and wedges to restore them to their original performance levels.


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