HUDL Internet Lesson

HUDL Internet Lesson

If you dont have the time to enjoy a one-on-one lesson with Sam, either in person or via Zoom, then simply send a Front and Down-The-Line swing to Sam. 


He will conduct an in-depth fault analysis video on HUDL and create a Drills video for you. Once received, you can view this at any time. 

  • Please see instructions below when purchasing!

    The Internet lessons are wonderful if you are busy, and dont have time to either attend Riversdale Golf Club personally, or make time for a Zoom lesson. Please send the following in order for your specliazed HUDL lesson to be produced:

    1 x 7 iron swing (Front view)

    1 x 7 iron swing (Down the Target Line View)

    Plus any swings with other clubs that you may wish for Sam to view.

    It is essential that all swings