HUDL Internet Lesson

HUDL Internet Lesson

If you dont have the time to enjoy a one-on-one lesson with Sam, either in person or via Zoom, then simply send a Front and Down-The-Line swing to Sam. 


He will conduct an in-depth fault analysis video on HUDL and create a Drills video for you. Once received, you can view this at any time. 

  • Please see instructions below when purchasing!

    The Internet lessons are wonderful if you are busy, and dont have time to either attend Riversdale Golf Club personally, or make time for a Zoom lesson. Please send the following in order for your specliazed HUDL lesson to be produced:

    1 x 7 iron swing (Front view)

    1 x 7 iron swing (Down the Target Line View)

    Plus any swings with other clubs that you may wish for Sam to view.

    It is essential that all swings are taken at chest height, with the camera still. 

    Please send the videos via the free HUDL app to