Lesson Prices

If you are unable to attend a personal, one-on-one Golf lesson, then consider an online Golf lesson, complete with dedicated improvement drills, and personal, friendly support to assist you when making the necessary changes to improve your game.

What type of lesson should you consider?

There a varying types of online lessons.

Most on-line lessons simply comprise a Zoom or Skype meeting between participants, where a teacher will simply instruct a student.

This can be difficult as the student often misses out on the kinesthetic feelings required to make the changes successfully.

My on-line lessons will assist you with this. You will be given in-depth verbal instructions, feel-related drills that will expedite the learning process, complete with video analysis during the lesson.

Personalised Zoom Lessons $59 (Approximately 45 minutes in duration)

Pre-Recorded HUDL TECHNIQUE Lessons $39


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