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Welcome! I hope you enjoy this site. This site has been some years in the making, and was a vision of mine as a young amateur Golfer. 


I am located at Riversdale Golf Club in Mount Waverley. After completing High school in 1998, I moved to Melbourne to  commence my Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports Coaching/Administration). I was a member of Box Hill Golf Club, where I won five club championships, and captained the pennant team to a final in 2014.


I concluded my PGA Traineeship in 2017, finishing the year as the number 1 ranked Trainee Professional in Australia for the academic side of the traineeship, and winning the 2016 Rossdale Trainee Open. I continue to play Australia-wide on the Ladbrokes Pro-Am series, whilst coaching full time at Riverdale Golf Club. I have a keen interest in junior development, and I am a recognised PGA Traineeship mentor.

This website is designed to be an essential learning tool for the avid Golfer who wishes to improve their game, however does not necessarily have the time to attend at a driving range or Golf club for personal tuition.

The content on this website is built on years of hard practice, playing the game at the Professional level, and many hours of personal study with the PGA Academy, my ongoing learnings with Gary Edwin of Gary Edwin Golf, and daily research.

Those who wish to access the members section of the website can subscribe to many hours of instructional content. You can also purchase on-line lessons, view behind-the-scenes footage, or watch the youtube channel.

I hope that you enjoy this site.

Kind regards

Sam Hingeley

PGA Professional (Advanced Coach)

BAppSc (Sports Coaching/Administration)

Gary Edwin Golf Instructor

Accredited Titleist Club Fitter

The Why, The What, & the How

Whether it be a long game or short game problem, I can help you- no matter what your ability level.

The most proven way of enhancing a Golfer's enjoyment for the game is individual fault correction- that is, fixing those faults which are inherently unique to that individual. By doing so, my aim is to remove the compensations from your swing, chipping action or putting stroke, which means greater efficiency and better scoring.

My individual point of difference is determining The Why, The What & The How:

"The Why": What causes the bad shots?

What concepts does the student have?

"The What": What new concepts and drills will be introduced to change your motion?

"The How": This is about determining your learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic); and how the new drills are integrated to achieve the desired changes to your game.




$70 per Half Hour

$130.00 Per Hour

$195.00 Per Hour (Two students)

Live Zoom Lessons

$59 (approx. 45 minutes)

Hudl Lessons (fault analysis + Drills Section)


One Hour Lesson Packages

3 Lesson Package $349.00

5 Lesson Package $579.00


$50 Per Half Hour

$90 Per Hour

$165.00 Per Hour (Two students)

1 Hour Lesson Packages

3 Lesson Package $249.00

5 Lesson Package $399.00

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My clinics can cater for people of all ability levels. We are currently running 6 week Winter clinics for $199 per student. Dont miss out!

Riversdale Golf Club currently has a variety of beginner Junior Programs in place. Please consult the club website www.riversdalegolf.com.au for further information, or call the pro shop on (03) 9807 1700.

0409 652 044

Riversdale Golf Club, Mount Waverley VIC 3149, Australia

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